March, 2019


A proposal for a new Business Improvement District – BID – in Redcliffe, Bristol, is being supported by Redcliff Quarter.

The consultation period has just been launched, with the Redcliffe BID team keen to hear from eligible businesses within Redcliffe.  

Destination Bristol is leading on the project and will be consulting with businesses within the BID area over the next six months to produce a detailed proposal, followed by the preparation of a five-year business plan. A ballot will be held in September 2020 to determine if the BID goes ahead.

Redcliff Quarter lies in the heart of the proposed BID area and is joint-funding the BID development alongside Destination Bristol.

The BID would allow businesses to work together to increase the appeal of the area for their staff, residents and visitors. It would look to transform the Redcliffe area still further to become a vibrant, dynamic place which is open for business, where things happen and where more people want to live and spend their leisure time.

Ron Persaud, developer of Redcliff Quarter says “Business Improvement Districts have a great part to play within the community and help give businesses a voice for the changes they would like to see in their neighbourhood.

“Redcliff Quarter is already playing its own part in bringing change to this part of the city and falls in the heart of the proposed Redcliffe BID area.

“Destination Bristol has shown how BID initiatives can bring about change for good, and we’re keen to play our part in Redcliffe as partner of the BID, to encourage the continued appeal of this diverse area for business, and the well-being of all who live, work and visit there.”

The area proposed for the new BID – illustrated on this plan – has seen massive change in recent years. The number of people living and working in the area has increased significantly and will continue to rise as development initiatives, such as Redcliff Quarter, are completed.

There are already two very successful BIDS running in Bristol city centre – the Broadmead BID, and the City Centre BID, both of which have delivered a number of exciting projects.

A BID enables businesses to join together to fund projects that address specific common concerns, delivering projects over and above the services provided by the Council and Police. It will only deliver projects proposed and agreed by the businesses within the BID area.  It will therefore be for the Redcliffe BID businesses to suggest and agree how the BID income is used but there is a great opportunity to do all or some of the following:

  • position the area as Bristol’s ambitious business destination
  • carry out improvements to the public realm
  • introduce improved signage
  • provide cost savings to the businesses (e.g. waste management, utilities, training)
  • introduce wardens and / or ambassador schemes
  • provide enhanced street cleaning
  • set up business and community networks
  • introduce staff loyalty schemes
  • provide a body to represent business & to keep businesses up to date with local events and  business matters
  • provide recruitment support 

Jo Hawkins, the Redcliffe BID development manager says I am very keen to meet all eligible businesses within the BID area and we will be contacting them all during the consultation period.  We will be developing a website and sending out regular email updates about our progress in the coming months.”

For more information about the Redcliffe BID and how businesses can get involved, please email or on 0117 946 2215

Redcliff –  located between Redcliff Street and St Thomas Street is an exciting £250m regeneration project set on 3.3 acres of derelict land which will transform the area with new homes including a 22 storey residential building, cafes and restaurants, a hotel, a much anticipated European style food court, shops and offices. Phase two of this eagerly awaited development is underway.

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